Exporting Users

Community Builder 2.4 added the Export Users functionality to the CB User Management page.

The functionality is accessed via the download icon situated in the top right hand area of the CB User Management page.

 Hovering your mouse over the download icon will reveal a popup containing three export options:

  • Export CSV
  • Export XML
  • Export JSON

You first need to click on one or more user checkboxes for the users you wish to export. Theoretically, you can change the default 20 items per page dropdown setting to its maximum value of 5000 in order to be able to select more users. Please note that the export functionality is not meant to be a user table dump. You should the MYSQL tool export functionality for such a mass table export on the comprofiler table.

Once you choose the users you want to export, you can select the export file format you want and you will trigger the download of a users_export.csv, users_export.xml or users_export.json depending the the format chosen.

The CSV file would start with a header row containing the field names that were exported followed by additional rows with values for each user that was exported.

The following is an extract of some of the fields that were exported from a test site:

992,First M. Last,First,M.,Last,,0,0,"[""2"",""3""]",26/11/13 14:41,02/09/14 07:56

Your specific export will have more fields based on your installation and the number of CB Fields you have created.

A typical use case for this feature would be to provide a user with a file containing all data collected on behalf of this user. Such a request is anticipated in order to be compliant with the EU GDPR directive.



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