CB Connect Overview

Use this plugin to integrate your website with the top 20 online social networking platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Google, Linkedin, Windows Live, Instagram, Foursquare, GitHub, VKontakte, Steam, Reddit, Twitch, Stack Exchange, Pinterest, Amazon, Yahoo, Paypal, Discus, WordPress, and Meetup).

For the users that may don’t like to fill register forms and add another password to their collection, you can give the option to directly and comfortably sign-in to your CB-powered website, using credentials from their favorite platforms.
CB Connect handles automatically the registration on your CB site and fills in the profile information that is authorized by the new member.

CB Connect is installed as a CB Plugin via the CB Plugin Manager and can be configured to interface with the CB Login module (by setting the module 'CB Plugins integration' parameter to 'Yes') in order to allow people to sign-in to your website using any of their 20 social network supported accounts.

You can also configure the add-on to automatically place users in specific Joomla user groups based on their selected social network during the sign-up process and you can also redirect them to a social network specific landing page on your site.



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