CB Connect Configuration

Application (tab)

You need to enable each social networking platform in order to see and configure the necessary settings.

Apart from each platform’s specific fields that are explained below the following three are common for all.

  • Permissions:
    You can optionally select additional permissions to request from each platform.
    Note that the necessary permissions for login and registration are already requested. Do not request additional permissions unless absolutely needed.
  • Callback URL is automatically provided by the system and it should be supplied to the provider configuration as needed. This is sometimes also known as the redirect url. Note not all applications require this and may only require the domain.
  • Debug: Enable or disable debugging of each provider. This will output a var_dump of provider http request responses (during authentication and API calls).

All Social Network platforms, once enabled, have the following tabs with fields to be configured. Specific fields needed for each platform. In order to get the necessary credentials, you need to have an account on the platforms you want to allow your users to get connected from.

Registration (tab)

  • Register:
    Enable or disable social network account registration. Register allows for non-existing Community Builder users to register with their social network account credentials.

If that is set to Yes, then you will see some more settings:

  • Button style:
    Choose the way to display the possibility to connect through this social network.
  • Mode:
    Select if users should be registered immediately with Single Sign-on or if standard CB registration form should be pre-filled with their social site profile data.

Note: For pre-filled mode this provider field should be set to display on registration.

  • Username Format:
    Optionally input substitution supported username format override.
  • Username Substitutions:
    For your convenience the supported substitutions are listed below that field.
  • Usergroups:
    Optionally you can place users in specific Joomla user groups based on their selected social network during the sign-up process
  • Approval:
    Select if Social Network registration requires admin approval.
  • Confirmation:
    Select if Social Network registration requires email confirmation.
  • Avatar Approval:
    Select if Social Network avatar requires admin approval.
  • Canvas Approval:
    Select if Social Network canvas requires admin approval.
  • Fields:
    Select a source / destination field to synchronize from on registration. Note field value format is not guaranteed and may require additional permissions. Values are provided as is.
    The core username, name, first name, middle name, last name, avatar, canvas, and email are already synchronized. Use the plus symbol (+) to add fields.

Link (tab)

  • Linking:
    Enable or disable account linking. Linking allows existing Community Builder users while logged in to link their provider account to their existing Community Builder account.
  • Button style:
    Choose the way link button is displayed (text/icon).

Login (tab)

  • Button style:
    Choose the way login button is displayed (text/icon).
  • First Redirect:
    Input optional first time login redirect URL (e.g. index.php?option=com_comprofiler).
  • Redirect:
    Input optional login redirect URL (e.g. index.php?option=com_comprofiler).



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