Installing the CB AntiSpam plugin

The CB AntiSpam plugin is a Community Builder plugin and needs to be installed using the Community Builder Plugin Management page.

The installation process steps are:

  1. Access the CB Plugin Management page from administration panel using the menu:
    Community Builder --> Plugin Management --> Install New Plugin
  2. From the Upload Package File tab click the Browse button
  3. Select the CB Antispam package you downloaded
  4. Click on the Upload & Install button
  5. You should now see a CB AntiSpam row in your Community Builder Plugin Management page
    and you should also see 2 new fields in your Community Builder Field Management page:
    antispam_ipaddress (set this field to show on registration) and
    antispam_captcha (this can be set to display to CB Moderators only)
    Both fields are by default assigned to your Contact Info tab, but you can move to other CB Tabs if you want.
After you install the plugin you need to publish it.

Do not duplicate these (antispam) fields. It is important to have just one of each.
Please note that the captcha image needs GD library and freetype fonts to be supported in your hosting environment.

If your host does not support these, you can switch CB AntiSpam to use reCaptcha instead.

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