CB Conditionals plugin parameters

Once installation is completed, the plugin has added an Integration Tab in Fields and Tabs.

Go to CB Plugin Manager publish it and configure as follow.

Global (tab)

The Global tab of your CB Conditional plugin configuration has the following parameters:

  • Publish:
    Select the state (published/unpublished)
  • Access Level:
    Only users with this access level will be able to see the plugin and any tabs or fields associated with it.
  • Ordering:
    Order determines what order the plugin will load in.

Parameters (tab)

  • Backend:
    Enables or disables usage of Condition in backend
  • Reset:
    Enables or disables reset of field values to blank if condition is not met
  • Debug:
    Enable or disable condition debugging. This will log Jquery condition results to the browser console while PHP side debugging will output directly their results.

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