Installing CB Invites

The CB Invites plugin is a Community Builder plugin and needs to be installed using the Community Builder Plugin Management page.

The installation process steps are:

  1. Access the CB Plugin Management page from administration panel using the menu:
    Community Builder --> Plugin Management --> Install New Plugin
  2. From the Upload Package File tab click the Browse button
  3. Select the CB Invites package you downloaded
  4. Click on the Upload & Install button
  5. You should now see a CB Invites row in your Community Builder Plugin Management page
    and you should also see:
    - CB Invites Tab. You can change its position and display type as needed.
    - Field invite_code that is set to show on registration and provides the registration invite code when the invited user has used the received link.
    - A component Button “Invites” that lets you Keep track, monitor and administer all your website invitations from backend administration page.
    - A button "New Invite" on user's profile

After you install the plugin you need to publish it.



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