CB Package Builder Overview

CB Package Builder is a feature-rich CB powered download manager for Joomla.

It also integrates with the CB Paid Subscriptions solution to protect access to download packages requiring active subscription to download.

Here are just some of the great things you can accomplish with CB Packager:

  • Create download packages of specific types including:
    • Package (Joomla package)
    • Component
    • Module
    • Plugin
    • Library
    • Template
    • CB Plugin
    • Query
    • Script
    • Override
    • Custom (raw file)
  • Create CMS version specific packages (e.g., Joomla 2.5 or Jooml 3.0)
  • Apply Joomla ACL permissions to individual packages
  • Configure package as hidden or shown (e.g., hidden packages are accessible only if URL is known)
  • Optionally group packages by sub-type
  • Select dependent packages (e.g., a CB plugin package can be marked to depend on a CB Component package)
  • Packages can be uploaded via user interface (backend or frontend) or using FTP services
  • Filenames can contain wildcard characters for automatic version and date detection (e.g., plug_cbprivacy_*.zip)

CB Packager is comprised of:

  1. A CB Packager plugin
  2. A CB Packager module
  3. A CB Packager Joomla plugin
  4. A CBSubs CB Packager integration plugin




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