Simple 1-2-3 guide to create your first CB Field Group field

Here is a simple 1-2-3 guide to help you create your first Field Group field:

  1. Download, install and publish the new CB plugin (requires Community Builder 2.2.1 or better).
  2. Using the CB Field manager create new placeholder fields (e.g., dropdown field for phone type and text field for phone number).
    Please note that these placeholder fields cannot be used as normal CB fields that hold separate values for profiles. Once the placeholders are referenced in step 3, they will no longer appear as individual fields on user profiles.
  3. Again using the CB Field manager create a new Field Group type field and in the field Parameters -> Display tab area select the fields you want to group (see step 2), the button label and the Group Limit (0 for no limit).

You can actually see this exact use case in action on our demo site: tab CB Fields Group on the user profile and cb_fieldgroup in the CB Field Manager (to see the actual configuration).

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