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CB Quickstart Pro Included add-ons

...The CB Quickstart Pro package will socially kickstart your Joomla 2.5 or 3.x website with Community Builder and selected add-ons that are automatically installed and configured for you. It's easy and simple!

The following add-ons are installed/configured as part of the CB Quickstart Pro package:

  • CB Activity

    CB Activity Adds activity streaming to your user profiles and your website.

  • CB Invites

    CB Invites Lets your members send personal invitations to their friends to join your website.

  • CB GroupJive

    CB GroupJive Empower your users to create user groups and share files, videos and photos. Group events and forum discussions also supported

  • CB Facebook Connect

    CB Facebook Let users join your website using their Facebook account. You need to configure this feature based on the included documentation

  • CB Twitter Connect

    CB Twitter Let users join your website using their Twitter account. You need to configure this feature based on the included documentation.

  • CB Profile Gallery

    Profile Gallery Add a gallery app to your user profiles. Lets users upload and share images and files on their user profiles. Documentation for further configuration is included.

  • CB ProfileBook

    ProfileBook Adds guestbook, blog and wall apps to your profiles. User can leave comments and rate other profiles and can also have their own wall and blog on their profile.

  • CB Bootstrap

    CB Bootstrap Give your profiles and plugin tabs a great new clean look with this great CB template.

  • CB Captcha

    CB Captcha Protect your registration form using image/sound challenge to filter non-human application attempts.

  • CB Last Views

    Last Views Let your users see which users have been visiting their profile.

  • CB Rating field

    Rating field Add Ajax stars rating to your user profiles. Just create new rating field and publish.

  • CB Ajax File field

    Ajax File field Add Ajax file field to your user profiles. Also supports registration process.

  • CB Video field

    Video field Let your users share their videos on their profiles. Many video sharing services supported (Youtube, Vimeo, etc.).

  • Community Builder

    CB Configuration CB component and modules are installed and configured for you! Connections are enabled, Joomla menu items are created and basic configuration settings are applied.

  • CB Core Redirect

    CB Core redirect Automatically redirects any Joomla registration or login event URLs to their Community Builder counterparts.

  • CB Author Link

    CB author link Automatically links Joomla article author name to the relevant CB User Profile.

  • CB Content bot

    CB Content Use CB user fields in your Joomla content.

  • CB Search bot

    CB Serach Lets Joomla search functionality include CB user profile searching.

  • CB Admin Navigation

    Admin Navigation Adds relevant drop-down menus to your Joomla backend for CB related menus.

  • CB Content module

    CB Content module Place CB content (fields, tabs, etc) in this custom HTML module.


And Professional members get more!

As a Professional member you get same/next business day Professional Support forum privileges and many extra add-ons including:

  • CB Connect

    CB Connect Facebook, Twitter and Google Friends authentication. Add dozens of Facebook plugins and Google gadgets to your website.

  • CB Blogs

    CB Blogs Well this cool CB plugin adds blogging to your website and it uses the Joomla content database for storage. This way you can use your Joomla rendering engine to display your user blogs on your website just like you would do with articles in a category/section!

  • CB Ajax Points field

    CB Ajax Points field With this you can create Ajax powered integer point fields that can be updated using +/- symbols or updated to specific value.

  • CB Core Fields Ajax

    CB Core Fields Ajax Turn any core CB field into an Ajax powered field. Allow users to update fields inline (no need to edit profile).

  • CB Gravatar field

    CB Gravatar field Use your Gravatar images as a CB field based on email address of user. You can specify default image to show if user does not have Gravatar account.

  • CB Reconfirm Email

    CB Reconfirm Email Force users to reconfirm email each time they change their CB user profile email address. Users can revert change from their old email address or finalize confirmation from new email address.

  • CB Password Strength

    CB Password Strength Add password strength checker with visual graphics bar and text indicator. Uses jQuery to automatically show the meter just below password field.

  • CB Auto Actions

    CB Auto Actions The CB Auto Actions plugin is the swiss army knife of CB plugins allowing you to configure unlimited automated personalized actions to support your specific community case. See tutorials section for examples.

  • CB Template Changer

    CB Template Changer Allow users to change the profile CB template as they please. Users can select if profile setting is to apply only for them or even for all users viewing user's profile.

  • CB DB Lookup Field

    CB DB Lookup Field This plugin adds a new database lookup field type that you can use to create a CB field that validates its entered values against a database table that contains valid entry codes. Use it to control your registration process.

  • CB Profile Update Log

    This script will produce a FILO list of profile updates for each user profile. Email notifications also sent to CB Moderators on each profile update action.

  • CB Articles

    CB Articles Display users CMS articles within a template-able profile tab. Model based for allowing additional CMS or content extension support in future releases. Full pagination, display number, and searching capability.

  • CB Query Field

    CB Query Field Adds new Query fieldtype allowing creation of fields returning results based off a custom query. Supports internal and external databases. Features complete substitution support within queries.

  • CB Forum

    CB Forum This new forums plugin adds many more integration features for CB and Kunena.

  • CB Progress Field

    CB Progress Field This plugin allows you to create a CB progress field to show your members what their profile completeness progress is. Allows you to select fields to track and shows a nice progress bar.

  • CB Conditional Plugin

    CB Conditional Plugin This plugin will show/hide fields based on a specific field vale. Great for setting up a step-by-step registration form also.

  • CB Google Translate

    CB Google Translate This plugin will add a language drop-down select field to your CB Login module and translate your website using google service.

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