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Author info in content & the AuthorBot was created by phil_roy
Hi all,

I thought I’d draw some discussion that took place on the main Joomla site to everyone’s attention as it ties in with a recent author bot released here on this site.

I’ve come to CB in a very roundabout way. The main feature I was trying to bring in was a way to simply an “About the Author” box that I wanted to place into content on my site. I listed the idea on the Joomla forum...,4656.msg36682.html

My emails seems to have been blocked for some time, as I wasn’t aware that someone had actually posted code in that thread and instead, have been trying out the great little CBAuthorBot that has been released on this site.

While both perform a similar role in different ways, I can’t get the code working (I’m testing CB locally on my Mac at the moment) but I thought the code was sufficiently of interest to point it out to the CB community here.

If there’s anyone out there that wants to have a play with the code, got for it and let us know how you get on.



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