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14 years 2 weeks ago #3188 by Johny
Hello, i have one quistion.
I have a western community running, now i making a little western village, i want to use the fields in CB to decide what kind of user theire are.
For example.
I give a user the status of Goldmember because he Donated some money. The status i have given by a field like here on joomlapolis (contribur, donater, developer etc. can only filled in by a admin in the backend). So a checkbox is filled by the ranking: Donater. Now i want that the user who is a donater have a little picture (jpg or whatever) in his/her profile. This must be a picture because i'm working with Cowboy clothes etc.
I hope you understand my.
The idea is not difficult, so im hoping that some one can help me out!
14 years 2 weeks ago #3192 by dsendecki
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