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I run (among other things) a clan gaming website. Members are required to register on the site (using CB of course), then contact someone in-game for approval.

However, as often as not, the name they use in-game (name field) has little or no relationship to the username that is shown in the Approval process module.

I noticed that you've taken the step in the back-end to ask what format names should appear in (kudos there); and we selected 'Name Only'. However the Approval process still uses username.

So... Can someone tell me either:
  • How do I alter the Approval Process list so that it displays the fields I want - or (and)
  • At some point, can the name display format be carried over to the Approval process


BTW - Congrats again on a SUPERB product. I'll definately ensure that any commercial uses I make of CB will include a percentage to be donated back to the project.

BTW2 - what is with the prevalance of using username as the public identifier in so many Joomla/mambo apps. From my point of view (network engineer, 25 years experience), it's a SERIOUS security risk. The only people that should EVER see a username is either the user themself, or the admins. Anyone else seeing someone's username now has 50% of what they need to break into someones personal account.

EDIT: Ah. I feel a bit of an ass now. I just realised that my post was based on RC1 features and RC2 testing using a username of 'justtesting' and a name of 'Just Testing'. It seems that the name IS used in the approval process. My bad for not spotting the difference till 20s AFTER pressing Submit. However, I would still like to extend the Approval Process screen to include other, relevant fields. So my request is not all fluff. :S

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Paul Pofandt

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