Paid Work: make cballin1tag module compat. w/ RC2

14 years 1 month ago #6748 by roverradio
We're in the planning stages of migrating from CBE to CB RC2, as development on CBE seems to have stalled for quite some time, and the RC2 plugin architecture looks fantastic.

One thing we need: the cballin1tag "Who's Online" module or similar to work with RC2. That and a "dropdown list" of that module can be found at:

Willing to pay to have someone make this compatible with RC2.

Some changes we'd like to make as well:

* Can be put in an optional "low-load" mode to minimize site lag if a lot of users are logged in. Will display # of members online and # of guests online, and a link that says "Show members online." When clicked, a list of members logged in will display in main joomla content area. This will minimize lag by not doing excessive database querying with lots of users if the module is on every page. Would be great to have a "cutoff" point variable - meaning you could set the # of users where the module would enter "low-load" mode. Say, if under 50 users online all would be displayed. If over, the low-load link would appear instead of listing the names.

* Would like to be able to list logged in users in both dropdown box mode or regular "wrapped" list mode, with multiple users per line (like in the above-linked module).

All functionality of the previous module should be kept intact (can show sex of user by text color, icon for if they're in flashchat, etc.).

If interested, please PM me and we can discuss. Thanks!
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