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14 years 1 month ago #6909 by TheMaTrIx
I noticed profile items get unique identifiers when setting them up.
most of them are prepended with cb, ones created by Joomlaboard are named sb...

Is it already possible or can it be made possible to make items available to plug into global templates, forums and other components by just using something like "cbicq($userid)" as a means to extend the information displayed in for instance Joomlaboard thread displays.

For one of the forums I admin, the topic is Flight Simulator. 2 items that people put in their costom titles and signiatures would be really nice to be put in the CB profile and then displayed in their post displays like I described above.

For the forum I'm talking about, this is the Flight Simulator version they are using and the airport identifier code for their area.

So they can add this info to their profile and I can easily parse this information in displays for forum posts and for instance computer spec items in their CB Profile into support tickets.

Is this already possible somehow?
It would be very interesting for everyone if you could parse CB profile items into other component outputs.

I'm guessing that for Mambo/Joomla, this would be most easely done with MOSBots right?
14 years 1 month ago #6961 by geeffland
If your up to coding SQL calls then you can access profile data straight from the database... they are located in the jos_comprofiler table

an example might be

SELECT cb_field FROM #__comprofiler where user_id='64'

cb_field is the name of the field you are looking for
64 is the users id from jos_users.
#__ is the Joomla way for allowing custom table prefix (note two underscores)

If this helps but you need the php code to get that data let me know... should only be about 3-4 lines of code (at least the way I would code it)..

Hope this helps,

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