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14 years 1 month ago #777 by Viames
I would like to set my profile as "hidden" from public view. That would be fine because:
  1. I would like to be no disturbed when online
  2. I like to keep my privacy, and unreveal that i'm surfing the web in that moment (when check pms from work :whistle: )
I think that two areas should be affected by this feature:
  1. personal profile, lists and connections icons, where I should be HIDDEN (so no ONLINE or OFFLINE)
  2. comprofile_module, where it should reveal normal usernames online, and nr. x of hidden users online

Hope to have made it comprehensible :)

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14 years 1 month ago #822 by trail
I believe machiel is working on the old Cblogin451 that can do something like this. So you probably do not have to wait long before you have this feature.

And, maybe you can already find the feature in a login module that is already compatible with CB.

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14 years 1 month ago #882 by Viames
I'm not sure it's the same feature I tried to describe. I will get into details.

The "Hidden status flag" should be available into user profile setting, as a check box.
The online status of a user after the login should be not really hidden, just maskered from see who he is. That's because any online user must be counted into the user list comprofiler module, eg:

- user1
- user2
- user3
(and 2 hidden users)

In this example, module shows total 5 users online so any member presence is missed.
The hidden status should also affect CB userLists, where users with "hidden flag" set ON should be always "HIDDEN", even if online or offline.
Did you mean that, trail?

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14 years 1 month ago #936 by beat
User-specific settings didn't make it into RC2, but should come next to the party.

The online status is not really something CB-specific, as the basic data for it is managed by Joomla!'s sessions tracking.

This might be a feature request for Joomla! ;)

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