Received PayPal payment - email mismatch IPN issue

11 years 2 months ago #133142 by zeus_lok
I have just helped my client launched their subscription service with CBSubs, and running into a major issue. 3 payments have been received, and all three used alternate e-mail addresses for their paypal payment. The notification logs show "Business email mismatch" and all payment information disappears.

How can I turn off the fraud detection so that these payments will make its way to the system? It is a serious issue and will put a stop to the deployment.

I see that other people ran into the issue on the forums (as recently as 20 days ago), and so there must be a solution or workaround?

Help please!

Running CBSubs 1.0.3 and CB 1.2.2 on Joomla 1.5.15

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11 years 2 months ago #133147 by beat
In CBSubs admin area:

Look in Notifications and History Logs for the exact IPN error, and mismatch.

This happens when your paypal account has multiple email addresses, and the main one mismatches.

In Gatways, edit that paypal gateway. Put mouse over the "i" for:
- PayPal Business
and for
- PayPal Main receiver account (email)
and make sure to fill in correctly both email addresses.

Main receiver account corresponds to Paypal MAIN email.
Paypal Business corresponds to the email you want to use for that payment.

Paypal allows multiple emails (business), but only one account (receiver account) per person or company.

Hope that helps :)

Looking forward to your feedback on the above.

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