Translating Registration Items

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Translating Registration Items was created by lil519d
I'm using Joomla 1.5.15 and CB 1.2.2.
My site is very multilingual (English, Italian, French and German).

Starting with German, I installed the German plugin and had absolutely no problems with switching from English to German or having most of the registration fields translated. The only parts left in English are the Welcome message, Custom fields, Introduction text, concluding text, etc. Basically, any fields in which I added my own writing.

I don't want to play with the php unless I have instructions or something to follow as the site is now quite loaded and I'm afraid of screwing things up.

Does anyone know how I can translate these parts?

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11 years 5 months ago #135887 by joomal
Replied by joomal on topic Re:Translating Registration Items
I am having a similar problem. I have checked the threads above but they do not solve it.

I have a custom field, input type Text field.
The validation is through a custom perl regular expression which I have defined.

I have set the error in case of invalid input to be _UE_LUNAR_BIRTHDAY_MSG.

and have placed
DEFINE('_UE_LUNAR_BIRTHDAY_MSG','my translated error message');

in my language file. But the error message displayed on invalid input is just '_UE_LUNAR_BIRTHDAY_MSG' - ie it doesn't get translated

I have checked and double checked my work, but cant see what I'm doing wrong. I'm using this method successfully to translate my custom field names and information etc its just the validation error message (for 2 different fields) which isn't working.

Could it be that the validation error messages are not translatable ?

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