Enhanced ACL or something???

13 years 7 months ago #10615 by Boom
is there a way to add just one group.

Heres the scenario:

weight loss contest.

I need there to be a seperate group of users that are participants so they can be seperate formt the rest of the users but still be part of the copmmunity but also have a special category for just them so i can make a user list for them and so forth.

so far all i can think of woudl be to have two instances of the CB installed or which leads me to believe this would be a severe hassle, or to have a new user group and give them special access to additional functions.

i would just liek to have the contestants have a few special capabilities such as access to a special gallery, and to have a few extra field in the profile area.

if anyone knows of a way to do this i would greatly appreciate any insight you might have.

13 years 7 months ago #10617 by mikko
You need to seriously hack the component to do this. When joomla 1.5 comes out, this will propably become possible.

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