needs some idea on Filtering list..

13 years 5 months ago #16928 by pacochin

I am learning how to filter a list. The story goes like this...

I have a website that do Health club membership whereby a principal account holder (i.e the main member) will first register and Admin will then assign a membership id (e.g MY0001) in a customize field in CB call "cb_membershipno"

Then, this member can also apply for his wife, 2 kids to have this membership card too. I have decided that these supplementary card holders SHOULD register with CB individually first, and then allow them to be LINKED by the lists using MY0001 using another customize field call "cb_AssociatedToMainAccount". Supplementary member will enter manually "MY0001" into "cb_AssociatedToMainAccount".

So, the main account holder can logged in and click this special list and SEE his 3 other member linked to him using "cb_AssociatedToMainAccount".

And this list is take 2 criteria for filtering.

1. The Logged in user value for cb_membershipno, in this case (MY0001)
2. Use the value of cb_membershipno to Match against all others CB user whose "cb_AssociatedToMainAccount" has the same value.
3. voila ! thats the list i want !

But i dont know the SQL for this...can someone help ?

thks in advance !
13 years 5 months ago #17016 by pacochin

Anyone can help please....
13 years 4 months ago #17050 by mikko
This is not possible currently without hacking the component. If you really need it, try

13 years 4 months ago #17052 by pacochin
thanks mikko..
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