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14 years 2 days ago #4186 by TUSE
I know with mambo/joomla you can use AKO comment to have users post there comments on various items/articles on your site..

I was checking out xoops awhile back and they have it set to where it actually post the users name etc.. similiar to a forum post on the xoops articles. Can this, or is there a plugin for CB that will let you do this?

14 years 2 days ago #4191 by andyahoo
On my site it displays the name but it is not linkable. Do you want to just comment on articles or have a link to discuss articles in a forum category?

There is a bot available if your using Joomlaboard called sbdiscussbot. It is used on this site.

Not sure how new you are. So I'll try to help.

Joomlaboard used to be Simpleboard. It can be confusing if you don't know.

You can get Joomlabard and the discussbot here:


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14 years 2 days ago #4197 by TUSE
Very cool. that will work for what I want to use it for.. Thanks a million. I am not a newbie to Mambo/Joomla but am a newbie to CB..

Again, thank you.

14 years 2 days ago #4198 by andyahoo
My pleasure. I'm a newb and see things from a different perspective. Sometimes it's like looking for a needle in a haystack.

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14 years 2 days ago #4215 by TUSE
I installed the Discussbot and in the admin section it tells me that I need to download and install the mosbot seperately. I went to the site below and registered and could not find the mosbot to install. Under free software, they have the forums, under paid, they do not have the mosbot listed. Am I missing something here?


The Discuss Mosbot enables your users to discuss content items in the forums. The Content Title is used as the topic subject.
If a topic does not exist yet a new one is created. If the topic already exists, the user is shown the thread and (s)he can reply.
You will need to download and install the mosbot separately.
check the TSMF Site for more information.
When Installed you will need to add the following mosbot lines to your Content:
The catid is the category in which the Content Item can be discussed. To find the proper catid, just look into the forums and check the category id from the URLs from your browsers status bar.
Example: if you want the article discussed in Forum with catid 26, the mosbot should look like: {mos_sb_discuss:26}
This seems a bit difficult, but it does allow you to have each Content Item to be discussed in a matching forum.
14 years 2 days ago #4217 by andyahoo
I should have warned you about this. The only problem is that you have to manually insert that bit of code at the end of each article for the link to show up.

Go to the Joomlaboard configuration. The tab on the far right is integration. Scroll down to the bottom. Click the button that says, "Show mosbot reference chart". It should bring up a seperate window with the code for each of your forum categories. Cut and paste at end of article. It worked for me. I would like something automatic though.

Joomla! 1.0.9
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