Importing User Databases

13 years 8 months ago #9323 by bastiaan
May be I should start new thread...

Started to use the Juice but import failed.
(error at the end about juice.admin error in line 262)
Made the CVS as small as possible, just one line with some fields.
Run again. Error again but not clearly specified.
Since the error above seemed pasword related I removed the MD5 pw and gave a text PW i the CVS

Again it run with an error but now there is an entry in the comprofiler and one in Joomla users but non in Joomla uderpanel or Cb usersmanagement.

Problem is that I would like to show the error here but at the end of all runs, it shows a popup asking for "Name?" /OK without an imput field. I cannot reach to the report underneath. after the OK it tries to return to the component page but fails

Any ideas where to look to do proper debugging?
13 years 8 months ago #9329 by mikko
You need at least name, username and email to register a user. The component is still work in process and in the future it will be more robust.

13 years 7 months ago #10249 by bastiaan
OK I have been fighting a bit and could use a little more feedback before I start doing things manually....

Juice has great potential but I can't get it to do what I want:

I managed to get my users into Joomla, because I found an import script for phpBB to Joomlaboard.

SO that gave me the basic user details like username, PW and email.
Then I synced with CB and got them there too.

Now I want to add all the extra fields I had in phpBB, added to CB.
I have created a CVS file for that.
For security I made all the fields also in CB

Then I run JUICE, select the username as identity, connect all the other fields and process.

The error I get is that the user name etc already excists.
I was under the impression that when you select a field as identity, JUICE will match that record and add/update the fields.

Because JUICE also requires, email, username I can't let them out and select an other ID field.

Any tips how to get around this?

13 years 6 months ago #14092 by mikko
Some people have contacted me and asked me to release the modification I did for Juice component.

Here is what I have done this far. It is not fully functional and I would not recommend usign it, but if you want to develop it further, it is a good startign point.

Attachment not found

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13 years 2 months ago #20520 by maddunr
Hi Mikko,

Any development on this plugin since you last wrote? I tried it today and it seems to do the job, but I am a little confused if this is to be used *after* importing users to Joomla or will this import users to Joomla as well.

Can you pls clarify?

13 years 2 months ago #20533 by mikko
This does the works, but it is not finished yet. I seems likely that I will not continue developing this any further, since it takes much time compared to just importing manually with phpmyadmin.

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