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13 years 9 months ago #6990 by wahba
Hey, is it possible to change something so that when people register for the my site they register as "author" and not "registered"

13 years 9 months ago #7348 by hakalugi
to parallel and expand on the parent question, i'm interested in having 2 different 'CB login' types.

a 'registered' user type, and
a 'author' user type.

the first should not need to be validated
the 2nd should go through human and email validation.

how do I deep link to (and create) such things?

(i'm off to try and find the ref. manual.)


13 years 9 months ago #7384 by hakalugi
I should get access to the manual this afternoon, until then, any ideas?

we'll have 3 front end users:

registered (to view protected/private directory listing)
author/business (maintains their listing)
author/volunteer-group (maintains their listing and adds/maintains 'classified ads' that are actually volunteer projects)

I understand that "a lot is possible" but just wondering on getting started down the correct path so that we don't have to backtrack once we start getting folks in our system.

13 years 9 months ago #7853 by masyomo
I'm looking for something similar too - we don't charge for membership but have three levels of membership that people ca choose when they sign up.

What I'm after is either:

  • When people choose an option at registration they consequently get registered at a certain level eg they register for Category B and the system gives them that access level
  • or
  • In the moderator section you can choose to show some additional fields that the user completed at registration so you know that you what level of membership to grant people

  • The only options I've seen so far are related to people paying for memberships but we don't want to charge people. If this isn't possible yet should I add it as a feature request? (apologies if already done I've only got 2 minutes so no time to seach yet but will do later)

    13 years 9 months ago #7857 by hakalugi
    seems the workflow in CB is for one usertype.

    i did find an item here: that listed "bronze silver gold" user levels, but haven't tried to integrate it with CB.
    13 years 9 months ago #7864 by mediaguru
    I'm in the market for something similar. I have a site which will have regular individual/personal users and business users. I want to have an entirely different set of registration fields for both. i.e. a business isn't male or female...

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