Broken links to User Profiles

10 years 7 months ago #149424 by Adymus
Broken links to User Profiles was created by Adymus

Ever since I disabled and re-enabled CB while trying to find a different Bug, all links to my CB Profile on Kunena Forum are broken.

Instead of taking you to for example: (<---It is supposed to use the User ID number)

It will take you to: [Username]

And since that is not the URL of the actual profile, it will then take you to a "This profile does not exist or is no longer available" screen.

It is not that the User profile literally does not exist, because if you manually type in the User ID number, you will get to the Profile, the problem is, all links and tabs that are supposed to take you to the profile (On Kunena Forum) use that broken URL.

At first Only my Admin profile was having this problem, but then I tried making another Username and profile, any new profile I make has this problem too.

What kind I do to fix this?


I just figured something out.

There seems to be a connection with having an "=" symbol in your username and getting screwed up links to your profile, because all of the names that have an Equals sign in their username have this problem, and as soon as you remove the = from the username, the problem is fixed.

So I now have a new question, is there a way around this? It would be extremely useful for our community that we are allowed to have the = symbol in usernames, so is their a way we can have them without this weird side effect?

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10 years 7 months ago #149426 by nant
Replied by nant on topic Re:Broken links to User Profiles
Read our Help Us Help You article (see signature below) and post back all info.

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