Error building admin menu - comprofiler

8 years 4 months ago #168443 by tdelarbre

There are a few posts in this forum mentioning an "error in building admin menus" when using the extension manager to install, but none of them provides an answer.

I tried to uninstall/reinstall several times, but it's always the same:
- on the first step an error appears saying "error in building admin menus" together with "installation successful"
- no errors on the second step
- no "Community Builder" submenu shows up in the menu "Components"
- when uninstalling, another error appears saying "unable to remove admin menu"

However, I noticed that I have access to the component by typing the URL my-domain-name/administrator/index.php?option=com_comprofiler

I use PHP5.2.8 with Joomla 1.6.3 and CB 1.4.

I am really desperate for a solution after having looked everywhere on the forum + google + joomla help.
8 years 3 months ago #171347 by videoopp
I am getting this with a fresh install of Joomla 1.7 and comprofiler (cb1.7 version)

Has anyone come up with a solution to this, with a total reinstallation?

8 years 3 months ago #173039 by Rikiller
Also same problem
8 years 2 months ago #174184 by joomir
just install CB Admin Menu Navigation v. 1.6 Module go to module manager open CB Admin Menu Navigation v. 1.6 and enable it in ( position >> menu ) and ( option >> Alternative Layout )
8 years 1 month ago #177827 by webemusic
where are you finding this module...CB Admin Menu Navigation v. 1.6 Module ...i was sent looking in the forum for a solution that was posted...I found the thread I was looking for, but for me the solution as best as I could tell, invloved being well versed in changing MYSQL tables and settings...and it wasn't really a fix as much as it was a brief discussion about the jos_comprofiler table and changing the id...which is a mile over my head....i was told here that it's a joomla following this thread i found it lead me to the Joomla forum..which there was stating it was a CB bug and not a Jom most of the threads were just finger pointing and no solution. Any help would be site is sitting in limbo for 3 days just trying to install the first componet CB...which in the old 1.5 platform I've installed and used alot without any issues..
thanks in adavance
8 years 1 month ago #177839 by webemusic
opps...never mind i found the mod...thanks for the tip...hope it works
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