impossible connexion in frontend end in 3 sites at the same time in the same moment...

5 years 3 months ago #265700 by chegm267
Hello whenever I try to login to the login page of my website in frontend : is not possible often et almost every days beetween 00:00 and 07:00 (joomla 3.27 CB 2.08) (joomla 3.27 CB 2.08)
http://conciergeriebordeauxtest (joomla 3.27 CB 2.09)

you can use these credentials to test: (user: r.parc/ pass: r.parc33)

I get error message that the session has expired or that I don't have cookies enabled. I've checked and I can confirm that they are enabled.

a very big support of siteground says me 3 message :
Hello Mehdi,

After checking the Error Logs and the Servers logs, as well as trying to apply some suggestions that I found over the Joomla Community Forums, I was not able to resolve the error that appears during the login.

Would you please, let us know, when was the last time the website worked properly, so that we can perform backup restore from that date, and hopefully, revert any changes that are causing the issue that you experience.

Looking forward to your reply.

L don't restore because website is ok 1 minute before restore ///

2 message :

Thank you for the update, Mehdi. I am glad that all is working properly.

Please, note, that the issue must have been temporary and related to the applications cache, as no changes were made to the website and it's configuration. Continue to monitor the websites to verify that all is working properly.

Feel free to contact us back in case you continue to experience any issues, or if you have any questions.

last message :

All of the provided installations are working properly, and front-end log-in is possible.

I have checked the server's logs, but, nothing is suggesting possible setting on the server that is causing the problem, which is why, as the issue is related to the very installation and it's components, it would be best to have a professional developer check the installation in details and find what the bug is.

If there are settings that should be applied on the server level, feel free to contact us back any time.

what are you thinks ?

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