Constant wrong date on blog article Published date

4 years 11 months ago #271702 by kelliec
I had installed CB 2.0.11 with Date Format yyyy-mm-dd, Joomla 3.4.4 with Sever Time Zone Chicago, PHP 5.6.12 with Default timezone UTC and date.timezone America/Chicago.

Issue 1)
Whenever a user register on the front-end, or as a Super User, use Add New User of CB User Management, the Last Reset Time on the Profile of Edit User always shows -0001-11-29. However, when we use Forgot Password to reset the password, the said Last Reset Time will be updated correctly to current date 2015-10-11.

Issue 2)
Irrespective of the above-sad Last Reset Time, whenever a user logged in and uses New Blog on the Front-end to publish a new article, the Intro of the new article appears on the Joomla Category Blog will be with a correct current date, but different format of Published: 11 October 2015. Then click the article title to the Full article, the date will always show as Published: 29 November -0001.

So, from where the constant wrong dates of -0001-11-29 and 29 November -0001 come?
Why different date format on the article, i.e., 11 October 2015 instead of 2015-10-11?

Would highly appreciate any fix to these issues.

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