CB 2.0.14 - Guest vs Public Permissions Bug/Problem

4 years 5 months ago #280365 by stevefrise
CB: 2.0.14
Joomla: 3.5.1
PHP: 5.3
MYSQL: 5.5.44

I am having an issue with CB 2.0.14 and Guest vs Public permissions. I've recently upgraded from 1.9 (where everything was working fine) and since my upgrade whenever a user finishes logging in two things are happening: first the login redirect is not working and secondly on the first article they visit after logging in (and ONLY the first article) they are getting the seemingly very popular message:

You are not allowed to view this resource"

(Not that it DOES NOT say "You must be logged in" as well).

Now, I know this is technically a Joomla error and NOT a CB error, I also know that this subject has been explored a ton in these forums but I did some investigating and I noticed a few things. Firstly, in this instance the error is a false positive; it only appears on the first article visited and after that it disappears and everything (seemingly) works fine. Secondly, I have the default user access level set to "Guest" instead of "Public", the reason being I need certain menus and modules hidden from both Registered and Guest users, something that setting the default level to Public does not let you do. However, This problem goes away if I do set the default access level to Public, which leads me to believe that this error popping up is left over from when a Guest user logs in and becomes a Registered one. Lastly, the login redirect no longer works for Guest but does work for Public (as above); after logging in users are directed to the home page which would be consistent with a standard permission error in Joomla 3.

As I said version 1.9 was working extraordinarily well and I'm not sure what part of the update caused all of this to happen. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you.

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4 years 5 months ago #280367 by stevefrise
Sorry for the trouble but I believe I have solved the issue. I was going to erase this but I thought I'd leave a reply in case anyone else was having the same issue as me.

For some reason CB version 2.0.14 resets or changes (or at least uses differently) Joomla's User Viewing Access Level settings. I am not sure exactly why this happened but the solution was to go to the User menu in your Administration and select the Access Levels option. From there make sure the Guest level has only "Guest" selected (nothing else, not even "Public"). I have Public setting completely blank which makes sense since my default user level is set to Guest. Remember this is only necessary if you want to hide Guest assets from Registered users, otherwise the Public setting will do the trick.

Sorry again for the trouble and thanks for a great component!

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