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Hi Kyle, regarding the notifications, we didnt understand each other. Lets run through a user story, I can explain better that way.

Lets say you have Person A that tags Person X in a post about how beautiful the weather was during the last hike. He got notified about it, so he knows that he got tagged.

Person B then sees that post from Person A on his Newsfeed and starts commenting on it and asking how the hike was, where they went etc...

Person X was present at the hike, knows that Person A has tagged him and would like to provide his input into the discussion as well, but he does not know that Person B has asked the question becausee he did not get a notification.

Person X does not know that Person A has replied with her own view on what was the best about the hike. He would like to disagree but cannot because he has not received a notification that Person A has written a comment underneath the original post.

Solution: Comment chaining System Action. Include any person that has been tagged as if they had already commented on the post so that they will get the notification as soon as Person X writes the comment on the post in which he/she has been tagged in.

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That'll be something to consider in the future. The notification system needs a complete rewrite to be honest. It's just not reliable enough to know who to notify.

For now you can try making a copy of the comment chain notification and adjust the custom PHP based user parsing to try and include tagged users. This should probably just be its own system action though and have added a feature ticket to review implementing this.


In that rewrite the notification system needs to become a subscriber system. So for example if someone is tagged in an activity post they are then subscribed to that activity posts notifications and if they've comment notifications enabled they'll be notified of comments on that activity post. This gives us a guaranteed list of everyone who needs to be notified. I do not have a timeframe for when that will happen, but likely not until after CB 3.x where we'll be converting CB plugins into standalone Joomla extensions.

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