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10 years 1 week ago #170713 by pepperstreet
Recently had a request for a special user search. This search should display and search fields from a special user-group. This user group has a special set of fields and information in a tab. As we all know, a tab is the only categorization for fields...

The problem for my user list: There are only two options for the search fields...

1. search all searchable fields:
All fields is too much, if you have other tabs and many fields, that are not relevant for the special user group. The displayed search form is way too long.

2. search fields, that are visible on the list only:
Usually a list will contain less information than the whole profile. If I have a special tab with fields, and i want only this set to be searched, i can´t do that. In general, I might have a subset of fields on the list... the list is just a teaser, which leads to the full-view of the information (the profile).

Userlists could be so powerful and useful, but the issues above are a real limitation.
It would be really helpful to have a 3rd search-option: Search fields from the following tab(s) -> Select with tab name(s)

Is it possible? Thanks for listening.

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9 years 11 months ago #171988 by socialfan
Maybe it would be great to ad searchable information to each list.
So in list view I can tick the fields that I would like to be searchable for that particular list. Then I should be a able to create a menu poiting to the search mode of that list.

So instead of heaving only list view we would laso have list view in search mode.

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