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CB 1.8 Menus are not translated

9 years 8 months ago - 9 years 8 months ago #192091 by horus_68
CB 1.8 Menus are not translated was created by horus_68
CB18 and Joomla 2.5.1

Doing a full lang pack, install fine and lang its applied.

2 problems:
A - the Admin menus for the component are not translated
B - the top bar for the component its not translated

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Solution for A
in \administrator\components\com_comprofiler\language\en-GB
there is a file en-GB.com_comprofiler.sys.ini that can be used to translate the admin menus.
The problem is how to create that file using the Joomla installer?
FTP a translated file inside a folder with my lang its possible but not a good solution
Tried using this code in the CB lang XML (my lang inside an admin folder but it didn't work, no files installed.
	<files folder="admin">

Couldn't do it!
I realized that if i included the file pt-PT.com_comprofiler.sys.ini in the joomla admin pt-PT lang folder the menus can be translated.
So it was easy to create a second lang pack for joomla, just with this single lang file (and the XML install!)
Not funny having to install 2 packs, but it works!!

Problem B- No solution found!!
Are those words in any SQL file?
We need those translated too!!

Also hope that next CB version solves this issues and we are able to install just one pack for one language

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9 years 8 months ago - 9 years 8 months ago #192092 by horus_68
Replied by horus_68 on topic Re: CB 1.8 Menus are not translated
I found it now the solution for problem B... from the french pack

You need to add extra lines in the admin_language.php
// Menus pt-PT
'User Management'=>'Utilizadores',
'Tab Management'=>'Separadores',
'Field Management'=>'Campos',
'List Management'=>'Listas',
'Plugin Management'=>'Plugins',
'Resend Confirmations' =>'Confirmações',
(not sure if the 'Resend Confirmations' its in use!
You can include this lines before the ending tags ));

So this require that the Transifex file should also be updated so everyone can translate it!

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