VirtueMart Integration?

15 years 7 months ago #7364 by doctorlife
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@danielshaefer (I posted this reply also on Joomlapolish and why don't link these two in a new specific topic on joomla ?)

Hi, and hi to all. In first I want give you this link to read for integration:,7353.0.html

and on this link for test integration:

Does it seem work fine, doesn't it ?

After that I have a propouse:
Why not create a tab of login integration (as for additional info), taking over the double ones from additional info tab, and calling this tab something like "shop info"

So, all items needed for shops are all into one specific tab.

After that when we integrate VirtueMart in Joomla with CB we have to deactivate the VM Login and active the CB "shop" tab

OR, in other system, but same result

the "shop" tab we are creating is simple a tab that read the VM Login and able to managing it ...

Waiting your opinion ...

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15 years 7 months ago #7744 by jamesfw
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hi sorry I'm too new to help with the coding solution but I thought I could give my opinion as a user on where this is heading...

my preference would be for a single registration in CB that automatically registers someone in VM

ideally the extra fields in VM would be a part of the CB registration (as a new tab would be fine) so that a new user could get all their address details in straight away

however, I think it would be good if the user could leave the VM fields blank until they actually use the shop and need to submit a postal address etc.

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15 years 7 months ago #8397 by ford
Replied by ford on topic Re:VirtueMart Integration?
I'm proposing another workflow which would fulfill my CB needs:

--> New user registers account in CB
--> The most important info gets auto-filled into VMs usertables
--> Re-directs to VM shop
--> User buys time-limited membership (1 month, 3 months, etc).
--> Logs in to site upon successful payment transaction in VM

At subsequent log-in:

--> Checks to see if account has expired
--> If not expired, allow log-in
--> If expired, redirect to VM for re-fill of account

Why use VM?: because of the wealth of payment options, including the one that I need!!

Can somebody crack this nut?


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15 years 6 months ago #9435 by robidigital
Replied by robidigital on topic VirtueMart Integration Workaround!!!
I have been rootin' through these forms for a solution to have the virtuemart registration work with the CB user tables. I must have thought of the easiest fix. I know that currently I have to run the "Syncronize Users" function in Components=> CB=> Tools so that users registered through Virtuemart would be able to login through the CB Login Module. All I did was add that same Sycronize function into the Activate function. Here are the instructions:

Modify the file

Step 1) In the Activate function change line 213
global $database;
global $database, $my, $ueConfig;

Step 2) Also in the Activate function, insert the following code directly between line 246 and 247

$sql="INSERT IGNORE INTO #__comprofiler(id,user_id) SELECT id,id FROM #__users";


if (!$database->query()) {

print("<font color=red>SQL error" . $database->stderr(true)."</font><br />");

} else {

print "<font color=green>Joomla/Mambo User Table and Joomla Community Builder User Table now in sync!</font>";


Step 3) In step 2 you may edit the print line at the end. This will be shown on the screen directly above the following when a user activates their account.

Joomla/Mambo User Table and Joomla Community Builder User Table now in sync!
Activation Complete!
Your account has been successfully activated. You can now login using the username and password you choose during the registration.

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15 years 6 months ago #9464 by gsbe
Replied by gsbe on topic Re:VirtueMart Integration Workaround!!!
robidigital- I like this idea.

Are you displaying the user's VirtueMart profile info in your CommunityBuilder profile? I'm wondering how users can edit their VirtueMart info like shipping and billing address.

Secondly, which login module are you using? How have you tied CommunityBuilder and VirtueMart together on login?

Good idea to sync upon activation. I think that these 2 questions are the remaining issues. I believe that we could build a CommunityBuilder plugin for user data as many others have. It also seems possible to modify the CB login module to include a login action to VM through an analysis of the two existing login modules. Thoughts?

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15 years 6 months ago #9479 by robidigital
Replied by robidigital on topic Re:VirtueMart Integration?
GSBE- With what I did the community builder registration does not work with the VirtueMart Billing and Shipping Addresses. To do this we would have to make the CB Edit Profile and Registration functions add the shipping and billing fields to the VirtueMart users table also.

This is the next step I propose. I say we rename the CB additional fields to match those in the VirtueMart user table. And either have the registration insert the same info into the VMusertable or add a new sync function to the activate to sync with the VMusertable. The CB registration already inserts the username into the what if we just modify that insert function and add all of the address fields?

So right now I can login with CB but then I still have to put in everything except the username and password when I checkout in VM.

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