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13 years 10 months ago #20781 by Flandiddly
Community Builder Search HELP!!! was created by Flandiddly

I have just loaded up CB and all is ok, I now need to have a search bar where my users can simply enter a name and it will find entrys from the CB records.

Can someone please advise me of where to find it..

APOLOGIES is this is a basic request however im new to CB and its GREAT!!!



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13 years 10 months ago #20832 by mischa
Replied by mischa on topic Re:Community Builder Search HELP!!!
Hi there,

As far as I understand your question you want to be able to fill in a username in the (site-global...) searchbox, hit enter and find CB users in the resultslist???

If above is correct take a look at the CB-Searchbot that is made by Phil_K for CBE. You can find it here .
This searchbot is also compatible with (native) CB.

Hope this helps you... I like the bot very much, since it does what it has to do...:P

(Btw: Phil_K has written much more for CBE. Lots of stuff (modules etc.) are compatible with native CB. So I suggest try out the things you want and see if it's working...;))



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