Can't get CB to recognize GD2

14 years 2 months ago #2129 by lmcguire
When trying to upload images, I get:

Error: PHP running on your server does not support GD version 2.x, please switch to GD version 1.x on the config page

PHP shows that GD is installed and enabled, and this script:


returns this:
array(10) { ["GD Version"]=> string(27) "bundled (2.0.28 compatible)" ["FreeType Support"]=> bool(false) ["T1Lib Support"]=> bool(false) ["GIF Read Support"]=> bool(true) ["GIF Create Support"]=> bool(true) ["JPG Support"]=> bool(false) ["PNG Support"]=> bool(true) ["WBMP Support"]=> bool(true) ["XBM Support"]=> bool(true) ["JIS-mapped Japanese Font Support"]=> bool(false) }

We're running on Linux. Does anyone have any idea why CB can't see GD and what I can do to change that?

PHP is 4.3.9
CB is 1.0 RC2
Joomla 1.0.4


14 years 2 months ago #2365 by scarleg
Hi there Liz,

That sounds weird. Is it only CB that does not find GD2 or all the PHP progs that call it? (Like stand alone galleries)

14 years 2 months ago #2496 by lmcguire

Thanks for your reply.

I also have VirtueMart installed, and the options for enabling dynamic thumbnail resizing don't show up (the checkbox and fields just aren't on the page). I've got a thread going over there trying to find out if this could be because it didn't find GD2 on install or if there could be some other reason.

I don't have any other components/modules which use GD2 (to my knowledge - I'm a newbie and am going through the network guy (this is for our intranet) to get things installed / configured on the server (Linux) and am personally only doing things via the Joomla admin interface).


14 years 2 months ago #2511 by scarleg
Hi Liz,

This sounds like it is another issue than the PHP scripts that use the GD2. In other words it sounds like it is the GD2 itself that is not working properly. I would suggest to your admin to make sure that all the required libs are installed.

Now, i am no self proclamed GD2 guru, but i do know some things about *nix environment. ;) The gd_info reveals something that strikes me as some libs not being compiled. For example: ["GIF Create Support"]=> bool(true) ["JPG Support"]=> bool(false). It seems to me that the lib for handeling jpeg is not installed, but for gif it is. Ask, kindly ofcause, your admin to check if he have jpeg-6b or later installed and was used it in the compilation process.

Hope it helps,


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14 years 2 months ago #2513 by lmcguire
Thanks, Carl - I missed that. I'll ask him to check on the jpg stuff.


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