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14 years 3 months ago #2169 by bdkyle

First of all, let me thank you all for writing the Community Builder component. It's great! If I can get it to do what I need it to do, I look forward to setting up my new forums/membership system and becoming a paid supporter.

I'm currently running a website with a primitive perl forums/membership system that a friend of mine programmed and I have modestly modified over the years, but it is well past due to be replaced with a more modern, flexible, and advanced system. I have installed Joomla, Joomlaboard, and Community Builder, and believe that these components will be able to do everything that my existing system does and much much more.

I have read through every post on this forum that I thought could be relevant, and I still need guidance with the following:

1.) I need to be able to have Community Builder send me the complete information provided by new sign ups in tab delimited format without anything else in the message. Following the hint provided by this post , I found the "english.php" file in "administrator/components/com_comprofiler/language" and located the code relevant to the e-mail sent to the site administrator.

By changing the default from:

DEFINE ('_UE_REG_ADMIN_SUB','New User Registration');
DEFINE ('_UE_REG_ADMIN_MSG','A new user has registered at [SITEURL].\n'
.'This email contains their details\n\n'
.'Name - [NAME]\n'
.'e-mail - [EMAILADDRESS]\n'
.'Username - [USERNAME]\n\n\n'
.'Please do not respond to this message as it is automatically generated and is for information purposes only\n');


DEFINE ('_UE_REG_ADMIN_SUB','New User Registration');

I can receive the same sign up information without any other text and in tab delimited format.

However, I have been unable to get any of the other fields collected by the sign up form to show data in the e-mail sent to the administrator. I've read this post , and have tried following the instructions given (going to components/community builder/field manager within the console) and entering the custom field names (such as "cb_frequency") into the "english.php" file in the same format in lowercase (as specified in the console), as well as uppercase, and with and without brackets, but I just receive e-mail with literally "cb_frequency". I have also tried entering field labels defined within the "english.php" file (such as "_UE_Country"), but the result is the same. In addition, I need to be able to have first and last names separated by a tab. What have I overlooked?

2.) As well as having all of the information collected by the form sent to the administrator via e-mail in tab delimited format, I need to only have basic login information stored by Community Builder on the server (first name, last name, username, password, and e-mail address). The other information collected by the registration form (site usage, demographics, and physical mailing address) needs to be sent via e-mail, and users need to be able to update this information online (by just providing it again within their profile), but *not stored* online. I haven't read anything in this forum or others that provides a hint on where to begin to take care of this, but I'm confident that there are other users who have done this and can enlighten me.

3.) And finally for now, how can I control the formatting of the fields displayed on the sign up form? I've read this post , which is quite helpful, but it doesn't explain how to further control the display of the fields. For example, I would like to be able to group six demographic pull-down menus into a 3 x 2 box under a heading, and group the physical mailing address fields in a organized manner under a heading as well. I also need assistance in selecting default values. For example, I would like one checkbox selected by default and another unselected. I haven't found relevant postings in this forum or others explaining how to do this.

I've made a good faith effort to resolve these issues on my own before posting this message and apologize if I've overlooked anything obvious. I look forward to receiving your guidance, establishing my shiny new Joomla/Community Builder website, and becoming a contributing member of your community! Thank you.
14 years 3 months ago #2174 by nant

first of all welcome to our community!
Your post is complete and even though its long it describes exactly what your problem is and the questions you have.

point 1 of your post should work with the [cb_] format.
Try making the changes in the default_language folder in the default_language.php file. I will also retest on my site and give you feedback.

point 2 can most likely be taken care of with a customized plugin. You might want to ask a 3PD on this site for assistance (see CB Lists on this site for 3PD).

as far as point 3 - there is some css changes that can be applied to your fields but it really wont allow you to do very elaborate field dependent changes. Default values you can probably get by with using myphpadmin to add these default values to the field definition (haven't tried it - but it should work).

I hope some of this helps
14 years 3 months ago #2246 by bdkyle
Hi Nick,

Thank you for the reply and the welcome!

Re: 1.) It's good to know that I'm at least on the right path. It seems like using [cb_frequency], [cb_fieldname], etc. should work, but I haven't been able to get it to work by modifying the "english.php" file in "administrator/components/com_comprofiler/language". Are you referring to the "english.php" file stored in "[sitename]/language"?

The "english.php" file stored in "[sitename]/language" seems to have the following relevant to the e-mail sent to the site administrator:

DEFINE('_ASEND_MSG','Hello %s,

A new user has registered at %s.
This email contains their details:

Name - %s
e-mail - %s
Username - %s

Please do not respond to this message as it is automatically generated and is for information purposes only');

I'm not sure how to modify this portion of this file because I don't see a way to view the effects of changing it. The other one I can modify, submit the form, and see what happens. How do I need to modify this file so I can receive the complete sign up information in tab delimited format? I look forward to receiving the feedback from your test. I imagine that I've just overlooked something.

Re: 2.) Thanks for the tip. I have contacted "mikko" and "mortenhm" from the list of provided 3PDs regarding their interest and availability.

Re: 3.) Thanks for the MyPHPAdmin tip, I'll look into that. There really isn't a way to control where the fields are displayed on the page and the size of individual fields? Is this something that could also be enhanced with a custom plugin? For less technical users, it is far less intimidating to have fields grouped by type and laid out in a familiar manner.

Thanks again for the kind and helpful reply. I look forward to your continued guidance and the guidance of the community.
14 years 3 months ago #2357 by bdkyle
Is there anyone else out there who knows why the tab delimited e-mail to the administrator isn't working properly? Thank you.
14 years 3 months ago #2388 by mikko
Why would anyone like to have it like that?

14 years 3 months ago #2389 by bdkyle
Hi Mikko,

I need it in tab delimited format for easy import into a secured offline database.

Thanks for any assistance you can provide.
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