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14 years 2 months ago #2287 by rjschad
Users want to be able to select their photo, stored on the website server, from a drop down box on the Image edit page. I tried to create a folder in /images/comprofiler/ with member photos, but I was prohibited from doing so. Any suggestions?

I know you wonder why they just don't use the browse function and select a photo from their computer. Well ... the organization had individual photos taken for ID purposes that the Board wants used.

I know this is a way out request, but it will help me understand how to edit the profile page ... and while I'm asking ... is there a way to disable the Community tab in My Profile ... or at least add content to the tab?

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14 years 2 months ago #2288 by rick
A quick search found this for your tab issue: http://www.joomlapolis.com/component/option,com_joomlaboard/Itemid,/func,view/catid,8/id,834/#834

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14 years 2 months ago #2290 by rjschad
Thanks! I would have never guessed a tab named Menu would control the Profile page ... but then again ... why not.

Next question ... how do I edit the page to create the drop down?
14 years 2 months ago #2294 by rick
Not sure if your drop down is possible without some kind of major coding and I am not a coder. Sorry, maybe one of the other very kind people that know the internals a lot better than me can help with that one.


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14 years 2 months ago #2295 by trail
Dropdown lists containing images are not possible, i learned the hard way..

I saw it once and wanted to make it and lost HOURS.. then asked the profesionals around here and heard that html does not do images in dropdown lists... what i seen was FLASHchat doing it.. and assumed it would be possible..

On the other hand for you case.. do you actually think it will be possible to have like 50 images with a reasonable thumbnail height in a dropdown ? In my case i wanted to put in 11 pixel high smilies.. Your thumbs will be large and the list will be long..

Instead, CB can do already what you want, i think. How about:
1) Forget about image upload system and its link, disable that.
2) Create a CHECKBOX field called My ID photo.
3) Create a new directory of your choosing and upload those pics you have.
4) Add as many fields as you need and enter <img src=images/IDs/IMAGEFILENAME1.jpg> in each field

Ofcourse you change the directory for your own and change each imagefilename to a new one..

What this will do, i create a selfwrapping list of those images. You will not have big sized versions of them. But you CAN use this field in the user lists like it was the usual avatar field. :)

I dont think it will be a good solution for a big site but for a small company site it just might do..

Good luck :)

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14 years 2 months ago #2298 by rjschad
Nice solution ... thanx for the suggestion. I didn't mean to suggest that I wanted to put the acutal image in the dropdown, just the file name of the pic (the person's name). Sorry. I'll try your suggestion tomorrow and post an update on my success.
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