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14 years 2 months ago #724 by m2rock
I have Joomla 1.0.3. (edit, sorry, previously reported as 1.0.4)

was running CB1.0

Backed up DB and components directories

Installed CB 1.0 RC2 (main component plus 3 modules)
didn't work, uninstalled and reinstalled

Don't get much out of it :)

I've left the "stock" module names so anyone looking could easily identify.

For instance,
Although module mod_cbloginrc2 is there, and allows login/ out function, I get a "page can't be displayed" when trying to register a new user.

Member lists don't show up at all

Personl info (logged in user's profile) doesn't show up

Profiles show up as a single (text?) field with no other info.

I've un and re-installed a couple of times, making sure to clean out with ftp the file names associated, and being sure to do the component first then the modules.

seems to me like a permissions problem, but I have no idea, and no idea where to start?

Help much appreciated.

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14 years 2 months ago #728 by Mackelito
Don´t know what´s wrong... but try installning joomla 1.0.4. And then reinstall CB... when all done you can insert the users again =)
14 years 2 months ago #730 by m2rock
Seems like the long way around?? No?

Does the 1.04 upgrade require a complete reinstall, or is it an overwrite?

And then have to copy all my users back? Meaning backup and restore select DB tables?

14 years 2 months ago #732 by m2rock
Oh, I forgot to mention (or didnt' realize) that I have SMF forums with the SMF bridge from Joomlahacks.

It no longer seems to work, as I can login from the home page, but am not logged in on the forums. This function worked until install of RC2.

Thanks again.
14 years 2 months ago #734 by m2rock
problem resolved by upgrading to Joomla 1.0.4 as suggested.
(only did patch revision, overwrite necessary files)

Didn't have to reload CB RC2, didnt' have to reload users.

Thanks again for your help!
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