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16 years 4 weeks ago #2505 by FerretLife
Zoom Permissions was created by FerretLife
Can someone please tell me how permissions work in Zoom? It seems to be working correctly on this site for most users, but I can't figure it out on my site.

I would like all galleries to be able to be viewed by all. But only the person who owns a gallery (or a moderator)to be able to add or delete photos from it.

For example I can add photos and delete photos from some user galleries here (Jeff's, Arron's, Todd's and Prubas). I don't want my site users to have this ability. But I can see many other galleries in the Joomlapolis Gallery I don't have the ability to edit.

What am I doing wrong? I have tried many configurations, and both Beta3 and RC1. No difference. I currently have users granted upload access, each gallery is checkmarked as "Share this gallery", and the galleries are assigned to individual members.

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16 years 4 weeks ago #2545 by trail
Replied by trail on topic Re:Zoom Permissions

...each gallery is checkmarked as "Share this gallery"...

There you have your problem..

Sharing a gallery means everyone has rights to add and delete to the galleries.. NOT sharing still means everyone can view the pics.. thats what you want :)

DO NOT SHARE a gallery.

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16 years 4 weeks ago #2558 by FerretLife
Replied by FerretLife on topic Re:Zoom Permissions
Hi Trail,

Well I unshared the user galleries. Still no good. With gallery sharing off, a user can't upload photos to even his own assigned gallery.

If a gallery is assigned to a member, that member may only see his gallery, no others. If I set a gallery to "Public Access" or "Members Only" then all the galleries are viewable, but they are not assigned to anyone. If I turn gallery sharing back on, then any member can upload to any gallery again and I'm back to square one.

It seems that I can set galleries either to be accessable and editable by all members or no members. That's it. But it doesn't seem that way on the Joomlapolis gallery.

I have everything chmod'd as required except for the classes folder which I could not find.

I hope I explained myself clearly. I'm confusing myself trying to read and reread what I wrote.:P

And thanks for the help.

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15 years 9 months ago #9018 by huggy59
Replied by huggy59 on topic Re:Zoom Permissions
Sorry this is so late compared to your original post, but this is what I have found:

Sharing a gallery in the frontend makes it completely available to all users who have been given rights in the backend of the Zoom Media Gallery Accessibility tab.

The Members tab in the frontend is what specifies who will be able to VIEW the galleries.

The OWNER of the gallery (the user that created it) is the only one who has full rights to the gallery (besides admins).

The issue is, if you go in as admin and create a gallery for a user, that user can't modify the gallery because ADMIN is the owner. Zoom has no way (that I can see in the current version) to modify the OWNER of the gallery or assign multiple owners or a group to a gallery. It's one or all (Shared or not).

The rights areas in Zoom need more work. I'd like to see them use something like standard *ix OS uses, world, group, and user (777), etc.

- huggy59

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