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8 years 3 weeks ago #177289 by daywalker0028
I'm unclear as to the creation of the csv file.

Running the save operation, I got this prompt:
Starting an ADD-EDIT Run in CBJUICE2
File name is not defined

Does this indicates I should first create a properly formatted csv file?

Which fields need to be created in the csv file and in what order?

It would help to clarify things by indicating in the user manual (and this forum, for that matter) the following:

1) name of the CB table in the database (e.g. jos_users; jos_comprofiler_members; jos_comprofiler - which is it?)

2) essential field names to export and what order they should be in the csv file (if necessary)

3) There should be included in the bundle, a sample CSV file with the basic/essential fields and one sample record in it so new users can download it and use it and/or customize it.

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8 years 3 weeks ago #177290 by jciconsult
The latest version lists the fields available.
Order is irrelevant That is made plain in the PDF which is available on Joomla CODE
What fields you should export are up to you. It depends on what you are doing with them.
The manual shows the minimum fields for an edit, (i.e. username or email address and at least one field). For an add, it should be obvious to anyone what is needed.
8 years 3 weeks ago #177291 by jciconsult
Add EDIT requires an INPUT FILE. You could not have done a save.
Most people do a save to see the field names which are different for any site. I presume that jos_comprofiler_members is a table associated with CBSUBS. The latter is NOT supported. The only fields managed are in jos_users and jos_comprofiler.
8 years 3 weeks ago #177480 by daywalker0028
Thanks for the feedback.

what I am also wondering is if jos_users is the table I need to export in order to complet the migrate of my 1.5 to joomla 1.7.

I've done everything else and have installed CB 1.7 & CBsubs 1.2.2 But not all CB fields and consequently, not all profile Tabs are showing in the profile page view.
I have imported all the CB fields from the comprofiler tables so i imagine it has something to do with users even though I know that the id numbers have not changed in the migration.

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8 years 3 weeks ago #177481 by jciconsult
Did you use jupgrade?
If not the process is quite complex. Your new site will show only the fields that have been installed or cb. To move cb, the best approach is have the same version of cb on both 1.5 and 1.7. Do a Jupgrade and just copy the relevant tables. CBJUICE is most useful only for moving data if values have changed or new users have come in to your 1.5 site after the migration.

Note, you can transfer your old fields, plugins etc only by careful copying of the cbtables and appropriate folders from one site to another. If you are not totally familiar with CB, I would advise getting some help or creating a clean site and then moving the users with cbjuice. NOTE, CBJUICE does NOT support cbsubs. You will have to do the table moves for that.

Note, you can only move the user tables and cb tables from a site that has been processed with jupgrade because you need something to create the 1.7 ACLs (WHICH ALSO MUST BE MOVED).
8 years 2 weeks ago #178482 by daywalker0028
I used SP Upgrade which essentially prompts you to install a fresh joomla 1.7 in a testing folder (which I have done).

I then installed CB 1.7 and CBsubs 1.2.2 into the fresh joomla 1.7 installation.

I could use your advice on what to do next.

I am familiar with with the following steps, but I am not sure if I should perform all of them. Please indicate which I should do.

1) transfer the jos_users table to the 1.7 installation
* I intend to do a phpMyAdmin operation rather than CB Juice, unless you can tell me there is a reason why I should use CB Juice.

2) Transfer all the joomla 1.5 database tables pertaining to the CBsubs plugins I had installed in 1.5 over to the 1.7 database.

Should I do both of these?

Please advise

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