[SOLVED] Random erros on ADD import

8 years 1 week ago - 8 years 1 week ago #218290 by htown
The import works but when CB Juice shows the results page after the import all of the records have some random number added to each username. Then there also seems to be some other random errors but I am assuming this is yet another problem. What the heck is going on with that. It of course also shows up in the list under User Management.

Here is a sample of the page that shows up after Juice completes the import of the CSV file. I have bolded the numbers that should not be there in the first three records.

Adding MaktabiTphQvJ Ahmad Maktabi
Adding Howell7PTX5P Keith & Malinda Howell
Adding Viloria2qI5yR Ricardo & Daisy Viloria
Adding StockebStkN Dirk Stock
Adding LalaIdui9 Piara Lal
Adding Davolii3pcNt Jim & Teresa Davoli
Error in register store: Please enter a valid email address.
WhiteC3SFLk Christian & Danielle White Email: crwhite75@verizon.net; dwhite@interrel.com Password: runobb0 could not be added
Adding Bascom5SM95J Teresa Bascom
Adding HowtonDUUTGf Anne Howton
Error in register store: Please enter a valid email address.
Provence at FirewheelL9gHqD Provence at Firewheel Email: Provence at FirewheelL5b4aF43@invalid.com Password: pfed8yu could not be added
Adding Springfield4ySk7Y Paul B. & Tara N. Springfield
Adding WilkinsfxHayN Jay & Kelly Wilkins

UPDATE: What I found was that I had not assigned a USERNAME field so it was creatign one for me.

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