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12 years 3 days ago #113889 by djkms
Aion plugin was created by djkms
I would like to start a plugin to pull information from a website to display on user profiles. I have very little coding experience but I figure the need for this will be pretty limited so I will probably have to code this myself and need some help on where to start and how to pull information.

I play a online game called Aion

I have a guild website

I use community builder 1.2.1

I would like to pull information from the aion main site and have it display in the characters profiles. Here is an example of a character profile
This information is dynamic and ever changing based on characters progression in the game. The information updates on the website rather frequently.

I would like to pull the characters stats, stigma, abyss etc, and the java information as well if possible (the characters equipment and such).

I know that it is possible to pull the information from the main website and have it dynamically update. For example here is a link for a signature generator:
See here, a person can type in their character name, server and chose the stats they want displayed on their forum signature which dynamically updates as your character progresses.

The signature generator gives the user a quick and easy way to display what they want with no coding involved on their part.

What I would like is for a plugin to be able to have the user type in their character name and server then the plugin will pull the correct information and display it in a tab and updates accordingly. Is this possible with CB?

I also asked about doing such a thing in another forum and here is the post with responses

Thanks for your time!

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11 years 7 months ago #125791 by simoesp
Replied by simoesp on topic Re:Aion plugin
hello there =)

i'm Robbinhood from server kalil ive developed some code that i've been using but didn't got time to finish it

have a look

NOTE: this is not a installer component

it wil be needing some code cleanup and reprograming

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11 years 6 months ago #127392 by selor
Replied by selor on topic Re:Aion plugin

Did you arrive to have it working well ??
I search the same

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