How to hire developers or get commercial projects

11 years 10 months ago #81724 by parth
I think that now the Joomla marketplace as such has matured a lot & there are lots of developers from all over the world that can offer their services for Joomla Development.

Even our company specializes in Joomla based Development & overall 80% or so of the business is Joomla. So i'd say Joomla Development is definitely a requirement & it does come much cheaper than developing things ground up.

And all our open source support & development & free extensions are supported by such commercial projects .

There are also a lot of people who will sponsor projects which can be released to the community.

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8 years 11 months ago #180426 by JoanMa
I know this is already an old thread but let me share something that might be relevant to people who still needs to outsource their web development.

First, there are already a lot of web development team and you might consider looking for them in India, Philippines or some other countries where rates are cheap. This can be a good advantage on your part but you still have to consider to prevent the problems in outsourcing when you consider to hire offshore developers.

Problems such as unreliable providers, low quality and spending more than the budget are just few of the many problems that may occur when are not careful. To be careful, you should know what activities in your business that it's fine to outsource. Why? Because you just can't outsource activities that may directly impact your business and customers. Also, hire the right developers. How? Consider reviews, feedback and ratings from previous employers, etc.

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