UddeIM Module links (inbox, compose, etc.) don't always show properly

4 years 9 months ago #289586 by micheleq
I'm having a strange issue with the links of the UddeIM module.
  • I have set an instance of the UddeIM Module in my main "Community" Page.
  • I have a link in the main menu to the UddeIM component (3rd level Community -> User Profile -> PMS)
  • I have CB 2.1 installed with the integration plugins & UddeIM 3.9.
  • Accessing the component via the menu works as it should
  • Accessing the component via the module, takes me there but through a "shortcut" (mysite.com/component/uddeim/?task=inbox) so the component sits "alone" on the page, without any assigned modules to the page.
  • If I place the module in the Community -> User Profile -> PMS page, then the links show as they should. (mysite.com/index.php/community/user- profile/pms?task=inbox)
  • If I log in as administrator, then the links show fine wherever the menu is placed. As a registered user, it does not.
  • All modules and menu items for messaging are set to Registered access.
  • If I make the PMS menu item public, then it works fine, but the menu shows to the public.
  • By having the PMS menu be a sub of User Profile which is for Registered Access, then the PMS menu item doesn't show. An OK workaround, but not ideal.

All this to say that there seems to be a bug in the way the module looks for a menu item concerning access levels.

I read the FAQs section 1.4 and after looking at the code of the module, it led me to find the workaround.

Hoping this helps,

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4 years 9 months ago #289593 by slabbi
The problem occurs when more than one menu entry with different access levels exists or might occur when non-standard access levels are used.

I have no work around for that yet. The code for this is very old (used with Joomla 1.x/2.x) and really needs some redesign.

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3 years 9 months ago - 3 years 9 months ago #301036 by wbuk
Encountering the exact same issue as OP, except making the PMS menu item public does not solve the issue it seems.

Strangely turning off SEF/URL rewriting makes all the links work fine.

Anyone has any workaround for this?

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