[SOLVED] Hiding the uddeIM Notifier module when there are no new messages...

3 years 6 months ago - 3 years 6 months ago #303462 by mikerotec
Would really like the uddeIM Notifier module to be "Empty" ( no content at all) when there are no unread messages.

That way the Joomla "Hide if empty" Module setting would become very very useful...

Could we please have an option for this? ( Rather than the default content "Private Messages no new"...)

Thanks in advance... excellent component working well out of the box!

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3 years 6 months ago #303500 by mikerotec
Actually I found a rather quick fix for this, a few very small edits to the mod_uddeim.php file did the trick.

So now, if there are no unread messages, the uddeIM Notifier module is completely empty, thus setting the Joomla "Hide if empty" settings for the module now works like a charm. For me, this is the best behavior, no module at all unless an unread message is pending. :woohoo:

If anyone else here needs to do this, here were my mods ( uddeIM version 4.0)

1) UNCOMMENT Line 207 & 222…

then edit line 207:
if ( 1 || $udd_DoAlert ) {
changed to
if ( $udd_totalmessages>0 ) {

2) Edits to Line 323…
echo $udd_javascript;
changed to
if ($udd_totalmessages>0) {echo $udd_javascript;}

3) Finally, COMMENT OUT Lines 397 thru 403

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