Urgent- User Registration notification email

13 years 1 month ago #24579 by sapromo
Did you find the answer? I have the same problem on a brand new installation with absolutely no mods done... so REPLY TO and REG email is set to admin email but no notices received for either.
13 years 1 month ago #24654 by butterfly
nope i didnt find an answer and I have looked every where.
12 years 9 months ago #31956 by wolvenwraith
I am also having a similar issue.

E-mails are being sent out to registrants, but I am not getting notified as an administrator that a new user has signed up.

This is on a fresh CB install.

Is there an option that I'm missing somewhere?
12 years 7 months ago #36329 by johngoodwin
Well, here's my first post to the forum, I'll try not to make it a rant.....
I'm having the same problem, and I've spent more than half a day trying to find an answer on this site. Ooops. Ranting.
I've found posts more than two years old asking the same question, but no answer. Just dead end hanging in mid-air threads.
One person doesn't want notification, another desperately does.
There's no switch in the user config. to set notifications on or off. Seems some get notifications, some don't.
I thought it was something that came with the latest version, so I updated to 1.0.2 but no...
I read a great post somewhere in my travels, along the lines of, "I'm a driver, not a mechanic! I don't want to have to get under the hood every three days." Amen to that!
Does anyone have an answer? A hack? A plug in?
CB is really a great add on to Mambo/Joomla core. Really. What it does is essential. What it seems to be missing is kinda basic, isn't it?
Shall I go on? We are in business. We want people to register for trials of software. We don't want to spam them, so we verify emails, but don't mod. registrations. But we ask, "would you like us to call you?" and some say yes. But if we don't even know they've registered without going through the list of users every day.

OK, I'm done. Hope it wasn't too much of a rant, anyway. Don't want to get kicked out on my first day.

12 years 7 months ago #36336 by p9939068
If i'm not wrong, the email is sent to the admin email you set in Joomla, not CB.

Mike Feng
Creator of SIMGallery, SIMAnswers, and ParaInvite
12 years 7 months ago #36345 by johngoodwin

Thanks for the repy, but that's not it. I'm the admin, and the option to receive submission emails is selected.

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