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12 years 9 months ago #31715 by Dionysus
Hi, Does anyone have any idea, on how i can change this?
12 years 9 months ago #31721 by nant
Dionysus wrote:

Hi, Does anyone have any idea, on how i can change this?

where exactly are you trying to change the image?

you should look in your components->com_comprofiler->plugin->language->default_language->images folder for the default images.

if you have another language installed you should change there also.
12 years 9 months ago #32452 by midwifebeth
I'm having the exact same problem. I found the file called nophoto.jpg in the images folder inside the language folder (english). I changed the file and uploaded it successfully. But I'm still having the original show up. I even registered a fake member, just to see what happened. Still the old file.

I've reloaded the page several times. That doesn't work.

Has anyone solved this mystery yet?

Here is my page and this is the image that is supposed to be where the other default image keeps showing up.

Could the same photo be elsewhere in the files? I've emptied my cache file and that's not it either. :S

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12 years 9 months ago #32453 by Dionysus
You may have to use joomxplorer to upload the images.
11 years 11 months ago #53491 by jondever
I am having the same problem. Is there a Solution? I want to change the avatar out, I found the images, changed them, but the avatars are still showing up the same way.
11 years 2 months ago #76790 by sirebral
i thought I would respond.

You probably need to clean your cache. Old topic I know, but that should fix it.
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