Error occurred during the moving ...(resolved)

13 years 1 month ago #37878 by nextstep
Error occurred during the moving of the uploaded file.

I received the error message above when attempting to upload a picture. (btw, it was fine yesterday?). On my server, I went into images/comprofiler and found that the permissions were 755.

I set the permissions to 777 and the image uploaded fine.

My questions are: what is the best permission setting (security wise) for this. I can't get it to function with anything less than 777.

any idea as to why did it change overnight?

... if we can get a very quick answer with permissions (I know there are some seriously long answers in this forum on permissions) it may save some people a lot of angst.

many thanks in anticipation with my q's, I hope this helps someone

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12 years 6 months ago #53124 by pastnve
This is a follow-up. I am a noob and had this problem. I read the advice in forum but didn't quite located the correct image directory for chmod. Finally, I did this and I think it is a good method because some very very nice developer put in a feature to help noobs like me stop tripping over myself.

If you are having this problem when uploading pics:

Error occurred during the moving of the uploaded file.

Then login to your site as the admin and get to the administrator's panel. From there, go to the main menu: Components>>Community Builder>>Tools When you invoke this utility, you will be presented with three options. One of them is: "Check Community Builder Database"

Click on this link and CB will run a diagnostic of its databases and data stores (directories). In my case, this diagnostic identified that my images directory was not writable. It told me the full path to the directory. I actually discovered that the directory didn't even exist. I suspect that when I installed CB, the parent directory didn't have write permissions or wasn't sticky for writes and that caused the installer not to create the images dir. Anyway, I created the directory manually and the chmod'd it to 777 and the problem was solved.

I hope this is helpful to someone.
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11 years 11 months ago #69864 by Foxey Fhill
Replied by Foxey Fhill on topic Re:Error occurred during the moving ...(resolved)
wow thanks so muck it now works all thats brilliant

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11 years 10 months ago #71446 by zecaffe
thnx its .. help me too...

sry 4 bad eng ....

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