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5 months 1 week ago #314186 by liaskas
this situation is a bit complex so i will do my best to be as more specific as possible.

2 sites share the same database and users.
1) MainSite
2) ParallelSite

In previous versions of CbSubs i could modify file /public_html/components/com_comprofiler/plugin/user/plug_cbpaidsubscriptions/plugin/cbsubscontent/cbsubs.content_access.php

in the following way:

$redirectUrl = ' ' . getCBprofileItemid( false);

so that when a user of the Main site was redirected to pay, he was transferred to the Parallel site and he made the payment.

In the latest CbSubs versions things got a bit more complicated (at least for me that i am not a php expert)

So now we have...

$redirectUrl = $_CB_framework->pluginClassUrl( array( 'plugin' => 'cbpaidsubscriptions', 'do' => 'accessdenied' ), false, $redirectVars );

How can we change the $redirectUrl point to " " like we did in older versions?

Please advise...

Thank you in advance!
5 months 1 week ago #314201 by krileon
Why do you have two sites sharing a database to begin with? That won't really work reliably as for example user uploads (image fields, etc..) would be on 1 domain, but not the other. Ideally if you need this you'd have 1 site, but 2 domains pointing to it and it wouldn't matter which one they made a purchase on. None of our products are designed for your scenario so yes I suppose you can change the redirect URL like that, but I've no idea how well that's going to work.

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