[SOLVED] Content protected & Subscriptions shown, but Upgrade button shows not authorized

1 month 6 days ago - 1 month 3 days ago #324303 by Pomond

I'm hoping to do some marketing of our "exclusive" content protected by CB Subscriptions by showing Public users links to our protected content, and then when they click on it, they're shown available Subscription plan options. (Or they just go straight to the content if they're already logged in on an authorized account.)

When I link to one of these protected URLs (for example, mckinleypark.news/neighborhood/crime-reports or mckinleypark.news/neighborhood/crime-reports/1529-theft-on-march-30-2021-at-36xx-s-archer-ave ), and I'm not logged in on the website, our two available CB Subs subscription plans are shown, along with an "Upgrade" button.

However, clicking this Upgrade button shows a message stating:
You are not authorized to view this page!
You need to log in.
No result.

Obviously, we want the user to be able to sign up when presented with the relevant Subscription options.

What is being protected at these URLs are Categories of Joomla Articles, including protection of the Category lists. The appropriate Plans in CB Subs have been configured to allow access to these categories.

Note that in addition, the Articles and Categories we want to protect have their Access set to a custom ACL group called "Premium Content." When a user signs up, CB Subs has been set to promote a successfully paid member to a "Subscriber" or "Gold Subscriber" Joomla User Group, and both of these are included in the "Premium Content" Access Control List.

The login for Subscribers and the other payment (via the main Registration page) has been working fine. We'd like to get this tuned up so we can effectively market our subscriber-only content. Please let me know here. Thanks!

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1 month 6 days ago #324304 by krileon
Ensure both CB and CBSubs are up to date and see if issue persists. There was a regression bug that's now fixed. If issue persists it's likely a menu access issue. Try turning SEO off then retry and see if the button works and if it doesn't check the Itemid in the URL and match it to the menu item it's using to ensure that menu item has public access.

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1 month 5 days ago #324308 by Pomond
I had been running the most recent versions of all software, but then saw yesterday's updates for Community Builder and CBSubs, and I applied them last night. This seems to have taken care of the issue: Now, when a non-logged-in user visits a protected URL, they see the suggestions and the registration form as they should (and logged-in users see the upgrade options).

I appreciate the prompt reply and assistance, as Joomlapolis always provides. Cheers!
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