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i have developed the cb_changepassword plugin the thing is now .i want to show the changepassword tab only when they are going to update thier profile.the tab should be only in update profile .how to do that do we need to add some code there can u pls tell me how to and where to is very essential for our project.
you told that to do like this
just change function name to the edit function-name and remove the part of code, as edit is already included in a form. Take a look at Yanc core plugin for this.but i din't get the yanc core plugin and i din't get how to do that can u pls tell how to get tab in edit profile Now iam getting the tab in edit profile in my code i am having form the update and cancel buttons are coming in only in changepassword the remaing tabs it is not comming i am attaching my cb_changepassword.php can any one pls help me

thanks & regards

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