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I'm trying to put together a web that will allow registered users the ability to email different groups of people.

Actual scenario is that high school student athletes can register on a Joomla site and build a profile with multiple custom fields, the ability to upload videos, and update various statistics and honors achieved.

I would create categories such as the following where each category have at least 2 mailing lists (athletics and admissions):

Division I schools
Division II schools
Division III schools
Community and Junior Colleges

Either automatically, or on demand the registered user should be able to send :

* one form letter to the athletic recruiter, containing a link directly back to his/her profile
* one to the admissions department, with the proper name and address to send materials.

This communication should have the appearance that the email originate from the registered user's email address.

Does anyone know of a component, plugin, or combination of multiple extensions that could be married together to accomplish this.


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